IPhone 6 Application easy question ?

Is it possible to have some of the Application squares contain text instead of pictures/media? I need to create a Application of photos with some of the squares containing text captions instead of pictures. Doesn’t look like it’s possible, but I wanted to check iPhone 6.

it is possible theoretically, but not easy.You must tweak the plugin to create the new type, but moreover you have to care about the text layout.Is not easy to manage it in the Application context and on small screens. However You can put html tags in were the heading goes that works for me.

Great news on this side: in few days I’ll release MG v3 that has the “inline text” item type.Someone waiting for 2 years, finally iPad Air 2 will see his desire satisfied!

Help with background image. The image in the background is full sized until I enable this plugin. It seems that with this code (below), my Tablet is broken. Any ideas? THANKS IN ADVANCE! Screenshot normal with iPad.

Have you tried to use the IPhone App option to move the javascript in the website Facebook head?

Also, another weird thing… my search button at top usually works just fine (hidden field until you click in it), but now it remains unhidden. You can see how it works on the current live site here

Multisite Is this plugin Multisite compatible? I’m having issues in my MS setup with menus not appearing and thumbnails not working and thought I’d see if this was the problem before I move on to other possibilities. Thanks.

Timthumb has a known issue with Apple, however I’ve created a tweaked version that should solve the issue.In the “classes” folder you’ve got Smart Phone. that file and add the url of your website between the allowed external websites- save the file as timthumb.php- replace the original timthumb.php with this file

I followed these instructions and added the website after tinypic.com in the list. However, the thumbnails still are not working.Also, the dropdown menus on the administrative backend are not working. Only the first option is listed and it disappears after clicking on it. This is not happening in my main domain of the Multisite setup. Perhaps it’s a MS issue or there’s a jquery conflict.If you want to turn this into a private ticket, I’d be happy to provide my login details if you’d like to take a look. Thanks.

Very strange, other customers with MU have no that problem.Login data will certainly speed up the solution.Just post them here and check the “run iPhone 6 App”.

I’ve added all my items and they show up in the item list, complete with thumbnails, but when I go to the Application builder, the image URL is wrong, so the image isn’t displayed. Also, the image links are broken on the published gallery on the page. This is one of the full url’s it’s using

Hello Kelly and thanks for purchasing. You are running IPhone App on a WP multisite what do you think, would it be possible to use ( reference ) Applications from existing posts ? May be in a coming version.) So we have not to apply double content. Do you mean use a standard post content to create a Application item?

Yes understood. The problem is that you wave to create manually an item to save the parameters that are needed to make the Application works.Then is not possible to create automatically an item.

A portfolio is too complex, maybe if it was a simple gallery it will be great However thanks for the suggestion. okay, also understable! Thank you for your kind support! So i have only one point ” category sort ” to check, but this is important.